The innovative VDZ lifting and recovery system has been developed by one of the leading vehicle recovery companies in Europe, through continuous development and consultation with vehicle manufacturers the system has been developed to be compatible with all modern trucks.

With the relentless development of new trucks, a new approach to recovery and transportation is required.

To avoid potential damage, modern vehicles are now placing a greater emphasis on how and where a vehicle should be lifted for recovery.

Therefore, the new VDZ stem utilises the manufacturers in built towing and lifting points, and sustained development with extensive, long-distance trialling throughout Europe over a variety of terrains has proved the VDZ towing system to be an innovative and damage-free towing and recovery solution.

The VDZ System alleviates the need for recovery divers to make a pre-lift and stand the casualty vehicle on stands, also the need for the recovery operator to lay under the casualty vehicle in order to connect to the recovery vehicle is eliminated. With the VDZ system, chains and tensioners are not needed to allow the vehicle to move whilst towing, thus giving the recovery operator a safer working environment.

The VDZ recovery system allows the casualty vehicle to be lifted from the manufacturer’s specified lifting points, this moves the point of lifting forward giving less weight on the recovery vehicle. The VDZ system assists the operator in keeping their recovery vehicle within the legal rear axle weight limits. This also eliminates the “see-saw” effect currently experienced when lifting under the front axle.

The full VDZ System kit comprises of 25 pieces for compatibility with all modern trucks and can be found here.