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Buitink Technology develops and produces recovery airbag lifting systems for salvaging trucks with trailers, coaches and vans. The low pressure in the bags and the large contact surface mean there is little risk of damaging an overturned vehicle.

A complete set of Buitink Technology lifting bags comprises of eight bags in various different shapes and sizes. A set has a total lifting capacity of no less than 68 tonnes.

In many cases, bags can be used to right a trailer including the load, without the need for any additional equipment, such as a crane. In other cases, lifting bags can be used in addition to a crane or other equipment.

Lifting bags ensure more rapid, effective salvaging, saving man-hours as well as crane capacity.

Buitink Technology recovery airbags are built to be flexible, robust and incredibly strong to withstand the circumstances in which salvaging takes place.

Lifting bags are made from a PVC-coated fabric, making them easy to repair on site with glue or a hot-air welder. The cylindrical shape of the lifting bags produces the most even distribution of tension and load in the bag which ensures that the object being lifted is also loaded as evenly as possible. A large bag has a sloping upper surface, which supports the lifting process right up until the last moment.

We supply four different shapes and sizes, which can be combined to provide a solution for almost every situation.