Rydam Universal - Faymonville

Great deal of the work that we carry out Faymonville trailers is actually off-spec customisation, prior to customer collection or delivery. We provide a wide range of additional options to tailor the customers’ requirements that is simply not available or cost-effective to be carried out on the factory line.

The fact that this is unbeknownst to many end users is testament to the quality of the work that we carry out and confirms that our input is homogeneous to any work carried out during a trailers production.

Whether you’re deciding on a new purchase, or you want to upgrade an existing asset, we are more than happy to help talk through any additional options that will help maximise the usefulness of your trailer.

Our experience as trailer operators (and not just mechanical engineers) means that we are ideally placed to provide useful suggestions and advice. Combined with this, we are always thinking of new ideas to better equip our customers, but essentially we rely on you, the end user to identify your requirements, so that we may come up with the solutions to make your daily operations that little bit more efficient and effective.

Here are some of our most common offerings:
  • Manual or auto-drop lift axle kit installations (choice of axle)
  • Hydraulic and electric winch supply and installations (c/w) radio remote control).
  • Combined winch enclosure and lashing equipment.
  • Fall arrest system manufacture and installations.
  • Flashing side market/indicator kit installations.
  • Additional work lamps, reverse lamps, strobe units and beacons.
  • Expanded metal ramp overlay sections.
  • Three-position folding front T-bar/bumper bars.
  • Rear ramp lockout assemblies, with or without pivoting rear lamp mechanisms.
  • Additional plastic or stainless steel toolbox fitments.
  • Additional galvanised under-chassis stowage trays.
  • Front trailer extensions with drop-in wheel recesses.
  • Rail channel recesses along length of bed and/or neck .
  • Rear trailer extension sections (for trailers without hydraulic ramps)