McLaren Lego Senna

Helping out at McLaren Leeds this weekend, lifting this full-size LEGO Mclaren Senna.

The supercar consists of 467,854 bricks, taking ten people 2,725 man hours to assemble and weighs in at 1,700kg – roughly 500kg heavier than the actual car!

This car has functioning doors and a full interior. The driver seat, steering wheel, and pedals come from the original car, but the rest is Lego. Pushing the start button plays a recording of the twin-turbo V8 roaring to life.

The headlights are functional on this supercar replica. The wheels and tyres come directly from the production car, but the brake discs and calipers are Lego.

The development of this vehicle required 4,935 man-hours of work, and the assembly of nearly half a million Lego bricks took ten people 2,725 man-hours of that time.

McLaren will display this model at some of their newly opened garages including the Leeds branch throughout the year.