Kerf High Definition CNC

Putting our Kerf HIGH DEFINITION CNC plasma to good use today, we’re still in awe how good this machine is, and how it’s changed our business, not only can we mass produce identical items perfectly time after time unmanned, we can also produce one off specials like this Scania S series XT 8×4 subframe for 185t heavy haulage application. Made from 12mm Weldox Strenx 700 in 3.5mtr length cut and finished in 38 minutes.

We had to outsource the bending of the subframe due to the sheer amount of force required to bend Weldox Strenx 700 at such a tight radius at 90 degrees….

so question time for our viewers, if you can guess the force required in tonnes to bend a 3.5mtr length of 12mm Weldox 700 at a 25mm radius through 90 degrees we will send you a goody bag and Rydam hoodie in your size

Happy guessing and good luck!