You could be forgiven for not recognising the name. In fact, you could say that we’ve become a victim of our own success.

Since the late nineties, Novawinch has been meticulously developing and producing quality winch products for
worldwide distribution.

Novawinch currently works with a number of distributors across the globe, and here at Rydam Universal, we believe Novawinch’s attention to detail, quality and overall customer service matches our own high values.

With our wealth of experience in the vehicle recovery, heavy haulage and equipment supply sectors, we firmly believe Novawinch electric and hydraulic winches cannot be beaten.

The capacity of Novawinch winches range from 2000lbs up to 55000lbs, meaning that you can always find a suitable winch for your industry needs, whether it be vehicle recovery, lifting, construction, rescue or military.

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