Rydam Universal - Faymonville

Even the best of products encounter problems from time-to-time. It’s when something does go wrong however, that you want to feel confident you’re going to get a rapid and efficient response. Our customer focused attitude to after-sales service means that we’ll always aim to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

It’s all about getting to the root of the problem first – Only then can we further analyse the contributing factors and come to a conclusion of the reported fault.

As with any warranty claim however, we do have to follow procedures, so we hope you don’t mind when start digging in to the details in order to fully understand your problem and give you the best possible resolution.

If you wish to submit a potential warranty claim, then please complete and submit the reporting form below. Once completed, we can begin to process your application.

Once we have your full information, we can begin to investigate the claim and determine a required course of action.

Warranty Claims

    • (MULTIMAX, MEGAMAX, MAX100...)
    • (17 digits, starting with 'YA')
    • (E.g.: SCANIA R500 6x4 STEEL SUSPENSION WITH RETARDER, 2010.....)
    • (E.g.: 2nd AXLE, O/S...)